Are Escape Rooms for You?

Escape rooms are not scary, but they are a lot of fun!  If you’re new to the experience, an escape room is an adventure game where you and your team interact with a room full of clues and puzzles; where each challenge tests your ingenuity, teamwork, and time management skills.  Your time is limited, and the game is on!  Can you beat the clock at Diversion Escape Rooms?

Each escape experience accommodates up to 8 people.  Small groups may be paired together to help you solve the mystery.

Bring Your A Team!

For Friends

Escape Rooms are great fun for friends.  See who takes charge, who’s the smartest, and how your besties work together to find clues, identify puzzles, and gather the information that leads to a successful escape room experience!  When it comes to solving these mysteries, there are no winners without a real team effort!

For Families

Unleash the fun, laughter, and competitive spirit of your family with an escape room challenge.  Put down the phones, games, and videos and get together for a complex brain teaser that cannot be solved alone.  If no one in the family listens to you, now is your time to shine! Find clues, open locks, and uncover the meaning behind mysterious riddles.

For Co-Workers

Escape rooms are a natural team building exercise.  Each experience requires focus, time awareness, and effective communication.  The more difficult the room, the greater the need for teamwork, time management, leadership, and collaboration for the success of the group.  Even the boss should join in to see team dynamics in play in a friendly, fun-filled environment.